Rome Festival

During June 2017 the Rome Festival will celebrate in Rome, Italy its 45th Anniversary.

The deadline for MAXIMUM FINANCIAL AID for 2017 is almost here.


TO JOIN THE JOY of the Rome Festival’s celebration APPLY NOW..
For January and early February candidates there are positions at the 2017 Rome Festival available for opera singers, adult and young choral singers, ballet and modern dancers, orchestral players, pianists, and classical guitarists.


The best time to apply is NOW while more positions and maximum aid are available.


Please let performers know.


At the 2017 Rome Festival you will:

– Live among the inspirations of Rome, Italy in the heart of the historic center

– Meet artists from around the world

– Perform fully staged opera and opera suites with the Rome Festival Orchestra, Opera, Chorus, and Ballet.

– – Perform chamber music with dedicated artists



This opportunity is sponsored jointly by an American educational charity and an Italian associazione culturale.


I’d love to hear from you  so that you can join in the joy.
Email me directly to learn the best opportunities for you.  Kindly include your instrument, your career status, and names of groups with which you perform.

I am always happy to help you.


I hope to hear from you in a day or so.


Please see PS below.

Molly Barber, Administrator “Those who do not hear the music think the dancers mad.”


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To see what Rome Festival Alumni have said about living in the heart of the inspirational historic center of Rome while performing at the Rome Festival click on

You may enjoy visiting the huge Rome Festival Orchestra Italy Club. You can ask alumni of the Rome Festival email questions about their experiences in Rome performing at the Rome Festival.  To access the club try this address:
If you are a member of Yahoo, you can easily join the club.
If you are not a member of Yahoo, you can easily join Yahoo for free and then join the club.

You can join us on facebook at Rome Festival Orchestra, Opera, Chorus & Ballet