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  • on 31/1/2017

Lyon, France | 13-30/7/2017
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Festival di Primavera
Montecatini Terme, Tuscany, Italy | 20-22 and 26-29/4/2017
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11th European Festival of Youth Choirs
Basel, Switzerland | 8-13/5/2018
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  • on 1/2/2017

Study Tour to Norbusang
Os, Bergen, Norway | 24-28/5/2017
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  • on 15/2/2017

2nd Int. Choral Festival in Georgia
Kutaisi, Georgia | 23-26/5/2017

  • on 28/2/2017

International Choir Festival II in Lebanon
and Mediterranean Choral Forum
Tripoli, Lebanon | 15-21/5/2017
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The Voice of Singing Europe heard in Brussels

Did you know that there are 37 million people in Europe who practice collective singing?


On January 23rd 2017 the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) and the Representation of the State of Hessen co-organised the event “The Voice of Singing Europe” in the seat of the Representation in Brussels.

After welcome words by Friedrich von Heusinger (Director of the Representation of the State of Hessen to the European Union) and Gábor Móczár (President of ECA-EC), the youth choir of the Monnaie, La Choraline, conducted by Benoît Giaux demonstrated to the audience how singing together can bring joy to the singers as well as to the listeners.



Photo: Hessische Landesvertretung/Bénédicte Maindiaux

Sonja Greiner, Secretary General ECA-EC then presented the “Singing Europe study” which was developed in the frame of the VOICE project, funded by the EU Culture Programme and selected as “success story” by the European Commission.



Photo: Hessische Landesvertretung/Bénédicte Maindiaux

The audience could directly experience the power of collective singing by learning the canon “Viva la Musica” with Carlo Pavese, Vice-President of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat, before Sonja Greiner invited Barbara Gessler (Head of Unit, Creative Europe Programme – Culture, General Directorate for Education and Culture) on stage to discuss the point of view of the European Commission on data collection and research, and the priorities of the Creative Europe Programme.



Photo: Hessische Landesvertretung/Bénédicte Maindiaux

Almost 200 people attended the event live, while another 200 followed it digitally via live streaming which is now available as video.



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Applications for EuroChoir 2017!

“Unforgettable people, an unforgettable experience and unforgettable week!”
~Aleksandra from Serbia, about EuroChoir 2016


Between June 30 and July 10, the best singers of Europe come together. Are you between 18 and 29, ambitious, quick with a tuning fork and eager to learn and make new friends? Then EuroChoir 2017 is for you.
The annual choir project will take place in Utrecht (NL) and conducted by Maria van Nieukerken (NL) and Lorenzo Donati (IT).
Together, they created an aquatic programme centered around water: a theme that binds The Netherlands, Italy (EuroChoir 2016) and Finland (EuroChoir 2018). In ten days, including a one day trip to Amsterdam, the music will be rehearsed and performed in different venues in and around Utrecht.
Singers who want to join are asked to register through this form, ECA-EC member organizations can contact ZIMIHC directly.
For more information, visit ZIMIHCs website or contact the organizing team.



“Sing Me In”: help us find examples of good practices

We are collecting examples of  the use of collective singing in the integration of young migrants.

Dear Friend, , if you know of an interesting project or experience, please dedicate 10 minutes to share the information you have in this form:

We will use the information you submit to discover useful new ideas that might be shared with the community.
Your examples can take place in any country, as long as they fit the theme. They can also be targeted towards adults but use methods that can be transferred to the youth sector.
You can share this questionaire in any relevant network or communication means! Any help is appreciated!

You can also of course  contact us per email at (English, French or German) and tell us about the experiences in this field in your country.


What is Sing Me in?

“Sing me In” is a non-commercial, European cooperation project gathering 11 cultural organizations.
We believe that collective singing is an efficient tool for integration of participants from diverse origins.
The aim of the project is provide children and youth choir conductors and music teachers with pedagogical approaches and tools that allow collective singing activities to play a positive role in the integration process of young people in risk of exclusion.


Learn more about the project Sing Me In:
With the support of the EU Erasmus+  Youth Programme.
Sing Me In is coordinated by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (DE) in partnership with: Estonian Choral Association (EE), Sulasol (FI), Ung i Kor (NO), ZIMIHC (NL), Koor&Stem (BE), A Coeur Joie (FR), Musica International (FR), Moviment Coral Català (ES), Koro Kulturu Dernegi (TR) and Fayha Choir (LB).



Activity in partnership with ECA-EC


Lithuanian Choral Music Study Tour

Molėtai, Vilnius and Kaunas, Lithuania | 20-26/8/2017

This study tour is an excellent opportunity to get to know the best of Lithuanian choral music. The tour will start in Moletai, Lithuania’s lake district, where choral conductors from all over the country will gather for networking, workshops and seminars. You will explore and try out traditional multi part singing (sutartines), get to see Aida Swenson, Indonesian conductor, work with Acusto, one of the most interesting vocal groups in Lithuania, participate in a workshop where brand new works by Lithuanian composers are tested by an improvised choir of conductors.
The tour will continue in Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital, with a visit to the Composer’s Union and an in-depth look into Lithuanian Song and Dance Celebrations, a tradition inscribed to the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
The tour will finish in Kaunas, where Pazaislis international music festival will invite you backstage to meet some of the best performers in the country.
More info >> here

Deadline: 1/5/2017
+370 629 680 60



Activity from the network promoted by ECA-EC


Inclusion And Choral Singing Conference

25.03.2017 – Girona (Catalonia, Spain)

In the framework of the MARS (Music and Resilience Support) project coordinated by the International Music Council, some students of the pilot course will present their papers at the VI edition of the Inclusion and Choral Singing Conference (ICSC) organized by the Moviment Coral Català and placed under the theme Voice and Resilience.




Activity from the network promoted by ECA-EC


Aarhus Vocal Festival

Aarhus, Denmark | 2-5/6/2017

Aarhus Vocal Festival is a festival for vocal enthusiasts and performers, happening every second year. It is a celebration of the immense range of expressions, genres, and talent that is found in the world of Vocal Music.

Whether you are a professional vocal performer or an amateur, a conductor, a singer, a vocal percussionist, beatboxer, solo artist, loop artist or just an interested individual who wants to explore a cappella and Vocal Music, this festival is among the world’s best places to learn, network and be inspired.




Estonian composer Veljo Tormis has died at the age of 86

Tormis was internationally regarded as one of the greatest choral music writers, and one of the most important composers of the 20th century in Estonia.

Tormis‘s contribution to the Estonian choral tradition and to choral music worldwide is invaluable. One can say he created a choral tradition of his own, the unique “Tormis’ style”. From his student days until his retirement from composition in 2000, Tormis composed over 500 individual choral songs, as well as other vocal and instrumental pieces, 35 film scores and an opera.
Tormis will be performed in the frame of our EUROPA CANTAT Festival XX in Tallinn.


Veljo Tormis | Raua needmine (Curse Upon Iron) 1985



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