Songs of Being Seen


Songs of Being Seen

The Model welcomes the work of Chris Doris, a unique and personally intimate gallery experience which draws on the artist’s distinctive synthesis of practices in psychotherapy, art, meditation and other forms of interoception. Expansive ‘Open Paintings’, text paintings and works on steel and paper evoke the empty ground of being, and the conditioned nature of self. Doris’ practical research into the nature of consciousness, being and selfhood also informs what he calls ‘inquiries’ – durational, participatory setups, often in public contexts, which import skilled processes of observation from therapy and meditation into an art context.

Opening / Songs of Being Seen
Sat. 17 Nov., 5 – 8pm

A participatory inquiry utilising spontaneous group vocalisation. The work employs skilled modes of observation derived from mindfulness, psychotherapy and interpersonal neurobiology. Members of the public are invited to join the group of singers throughout the event.

Admission: Free

This project by artist, psychotherapist and long time meditation facilitator. Chris Doris, Songs of Being Seen offers the opportunity to train in  mindfulness with the many proven life benefits it offers while also creating an exciting and innovative artwork.

The final work will be a cycle of 5 minute songs interspersed with 5 minutes of silence with a duration of 3 hours. Every five minutes a new member of the public will join the singers’ circle and they will spontaneously vocalize as a form of open inquiry into the felt sense of the person’s presence and the developing relational field.

Songs of Being Seen is the latest in the artist’s series of silence- based ‘public inquiries’  which began with the seminal 40 Days and 40 Nights on Croagh Patrick (‘99) and includes Whatshappening, (Dáil Eireann 2007) and 10 Poets Observe (Municipal Gallery,Dublin 2010). Songs of Being Seen is the first inquiry to use sound.

Chris’ work has explored the nature of being and selfhood for thirty years. These themes have been addressed in a practice that spans painting, print, drawing and public inquiries employing modes of observation from meditation and psychotherapy.

This new and exciting project will be one of the highlights of the Sligo Choral Festival 2018, 16th – 18th November which will take place in The Model to celebrate it’s 30th anniversary.


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